...it will be helpful to a lot of people starting or advancing their endeavours in the world of MIDI.
Tor Erik Solem - MIDI Mad Scientist
It's very easily readable
Pete Barabash
I wish I'd had this book when I started using MIDI.
It could have ended up sounding like a manual, and I am glad it doesn't at all.
Digital Native

On the road or on the go?
It's digital.

Available for any musician, anywhere, any time.
(even at band practice 🤫)

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Introducing the Author

Simon Glover

From DIY controllers and bad soldering skills to a successful MIDI hardware business, Simon has been tangling with MIDI for a long time. Now he shares his secrets all in one place!

"I remember struggling so badly with MIDI, and I still see it in other people.
I want you to understand the possibilities MIDI opens up, as well as its simplicity.

When it clicks, you can really make your pedalboard sing!"
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Eddi Heiton
Two pedalboards of MIDI-controlled pedals with MIDI controllers

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28,500 words. 9 chapters. 135 pages.
Images and Diagrams.
3 Appendices.

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